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LP's Teacher Membership

Re-energize your passion for teaching. Re-ignite yourself as an educator. Re-engage your students. Find Community, Collaborate with Like-Minded Educators, Build Connections, & Learn New Content!

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What kind of leader do you want to be next year?

As a teacher, you want nothing more than for your students to learn, grow, and thrive. 

Teaching is challenging in regular times — add in hybrid instruction, remote learning, closures, and constantly changing schedules and it’s all new levels of frustrating. 

Does this sound like what’s going on in your classroom?
  • Your students are disengaging more and more and you’re trying to do everything you can to support them.

  • You’re feeling more isolated than ever. 

  • You need more support, and you’re not getting it — worse, you feel like you’re missing out on all the professional development opportunities and networking you used to take part in.

  • You wish that you could hold the kids’ attention, but they’re feeling it too — they’re doing the bare minimum just trying to get by.

  • Kids, parents, your colleagues, everyone is feeling the crushing pressure to do what’s best for the kids. 

What if you could re-energize your passion for teaching and re-engage your students?

Imagine, looking at your student’s faces and seeing excitement again. 

How does this sound instead?

  • You’re energized because you re-discovered new ways to engage your students and yourself in literacy work.
  • You feel supported inside a helpful community with other workshop teachers.
  • You have a safe space to get answers to all your workshop teaching questions from a big-hearted community and experts in the field.
  • You’re inspired by seeing your colleagues success and even better, you have a group where you can celebrate your wins.
  • You know that you’re building your teaching and leadership skills with professional development

This is why we created the LP Teacher’s Membership.


The LP Teacher’s Membership is a month-to-month, virtual community where you’ll get on-demand professional development about virtual learning with the support of the LP team. 

Here’s why the LP Teacher’s Membership is different from anything else you’ve tried:

Personalized support such as meeting to plan or even coaching

A space to share ideas and have engaging discussions

On-demand lessons for you to watch anywhere — where it’s most convenient for you

Learn about topics that you’re most passionate about — best practices for workshop, setting up book clubs, interactive read alouds, spelling, grammar, and even planning for the coming school year

The LP Teacher’s Membership is like a buffet of PD. You get to consume and engage as much or as little as you like. And more flexibility is a great thing these days.


Here’s what you get each month:

  • Office hours where you can bring any questions and challenges and get immediate answers

  • A new video exploring a topic more deeply — paired with all the guides, resources, and tools you need
  • Access to the LP team — it’s like having a literacy coach in your back pocket helping you with your trickiest situations

  • A private Facebook community to get answers to your questions and where you can learn from the successes and challenges of other teachers just like you
Even if you’ve read all the books and attended online workshops, this monthly membership will support you in feeling fulfilled in your teaching again. 

Re-define yourself as an educator.

Who it’s for:

Educators based anywhere in the world using balanced literacy, including a reading and writing workshop approach at your school or in your district.

Finally, you’ll feel more confident re-engaging students during this challenging time. 

And when you do transition back into the physical classroom, you’ll get all the support you need — we’re right there with you. 

Upcoming content and what's included:

Founders Rate

$27 / month

Or, join us for a year for just $270 and get 2 months free.

  • JAN: A Look at Best Practices for Workshop (Online & In the Classroom)

  • FEB: Setting Kids Up for Book Clubs (Online & In the Classroom)

  • MAR: Conferring in the Writing Workshop (Online & In the Classroom)

  • APR: Powerful Interactive Read Alouds That Engage Students In High-Level Conversation (Online & In the Classroom)

  • MAY: Supporting Kids With Grammar, Spelling, and Conventions In Ways That Support Transfer (Online & In the Classroom)

  • JUNE: Planning for your upcoming school year- creating a scope and sequence for 2021-2022

  • JULY: A Closer Look at Independent Writing Projects: Helping kids build stamina and volume as writers while having choice in writing genres

Use code FREEMONTH for a 30 day free trial!
Excellent! We’re excited to go on this journey of re-engagement with you!

Meet your membership hosts:

Dahlia Dallal is the founding director of Literacy Partners, a boutique educational consulting firm that uses innovative practices for professional development in literacy. She has supported leaders across the country and internationally with balanced literacy for 15+ years.

Vivian Chen is a lead staff developer at Literacy Partners. She comes with 20+ years of teaching experience working with students in primary grades through middle school. Vivian is passionate about social justice and helping students develop independence and agency through literacy.